What are people saying?

1 12 2008

meal-deliveries-croppedOver a week of meals have been delivered, by over 70 volunteers, to over 100 under resourced families. Even more amazing, all of these families, but one, were home to receive their meals. The excitement of our delivery team members was amazing. Each came with a “whatever it takes” attitude, and in doing so, unleashed generosity into Sterling and the surrounding areas. To set up this service initiative, we contacted seven schools that went overboard to identify families with need and even helped us through some language barriers.

The stories coming in from our contact schools and our team members are amazing. Here’s what’s being said…

“I am the Parent Liaison at Meadowland Elementary School in Sterling. Soon after your delivering food for our families, I received phone calls of gratitude. I want to share how appreciative our families were to receive this great amount of food and I’m sure they told your team members as well! Thank you for offering this service!”

“Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of this act of generosity. I had a wonderful time. The first family I went to, the grandmother answered the door. She was very happy to see me. She told me she was watching all 4 children while the mother was working. I know she appreciated the donation very much. The kids even came up to the door and hugged me. The next family was quite similar. This time though the mother was home, and again, nothing but joy and appreciation. Even though it was difficult to communicate some of my sentiments because of the language barrier, they understood very clearly that I was from Enrich Nova and this was a demonstration of God’s love for them. Thanks again for letting me share in the joy of giving to those clearly in need.”

“Thank you so much for providing these meals to my family and me. I don’t know how I will be able to repay you.”

“Thanks so much for the opportunity to get involved. We had a wonderful experience and the family we delivered to was very sweet, several adorable young children who gave us tons of hugs when we left!! With Christmas being right around the corner, we’re ready for our next assignment. Please let us know if there is anything else on the schedule or any area where we might be able to help out. Thanks again!!”

“I have to say that the kids and I had a wonderful time. I know that sounds strange since we were going to needy families to deliver food, however, it was a great experience for myself and the kids. They were so positive and helpful to the families and the families were so warm and inviting. We would love to help out in the future if you need us. What you are doing in this area is exactly what we needed. And it is a great way to get the middle and high school kids out doing community service. Take care and thank you for your dedication!”

“I learned that even in Northern Virginia we have families struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis. I pray those we interacted with today find hope in experiencing giving with no strings attached in a world of full of greed. Thanks for this opportunity.”




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20 12 2008

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