The Unfolding Story

2 12 2008

need-to-be-neededI was in the middle of preparations to provide a week of meals to over 100 under resourced families when Lana called. She was soft spoken and reserved. It took a few moments to figure out she needed a week of meals. As I was explaining the delivery process, it dawned on me – she might be willing to help us deliver meals. When I offered this opportunity, I was caught off guard by her overwhelming enthusiasm. It was a pleasure to meet Lana when she showed up with over 70 other team members to deliver food.

Lana taught me a great lesson – we all have the intrinsic need to be needed. Her need was met by serving others while being served. We are starting Enrich NOVA for just this purpose – to empower people to serve people while unleashing generosity.




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20 12 2008
Thank You! « Enrich NOVA

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