Thank You!

20 12 2008

Our first community service initiative was a great success thanks to the generosity of many financial donors and incredible team members who picked up and delivered over 100 meals to under resourced families! Special thanks too…

  • The Great Falls Optimist Club for initiating this community service event with strong leadership and $2500 seed money.
  • The parent liaisons and guidance counselors of Dominion High School, Sugarland Run Elementary, Meadowland Elementary, Rolling Ridge Elementary, Sterling Elementary, and Armstong School for identifying under resourced families to serve.
  • Moheb (Mo) Iskander, UHaul General Manager, UHaul Center of Chantilly who donated 3 dolly’s for moving almost 200 boxes of food. This saved our team members backs!
  • Abigail Valverde at Washington Apostolic Church in Fairfax for arranging team members to package over 100 boxes of food.
  • Ken Herbert for leading the first half of the operation and getting all the food to the Sugarland Run Community Center.
  • The Sugarland Run HOA Board of Directors for donating the Sugarland Run Community Center to use as our distribution center.
  • Our 70+ team members for their diligence in calling and delivering almost 200 boxes of food.
  • Financial donors from around the country who unleashed their generosity to provide food to over 100 families – approximately 400 people.

We are greatful for each person who played a role in this initiative. Generosity is unleashed as people come together to serve people.

Go to the following links to read some great stories and quotes from this initiative…




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