A Trashcan Can Make a Difference

17 02 2009

On Saturday, February 14, we held a public meeting to unveil Enrich NOVA’s new community impact initiative – Generosity Can (www.enrichnova.com). This meeting was attended by key non-profit, business, and Loudoun County leaders – including: Loudoun Country Supervisor Andrea McGimsey; The Good Shepherd Alliance Board Member Mark Gunderman; LINK Vice President Jim Butts; Swim and Tennis Club Board of Directors Vice President George Heidy; Family Worship Center Pastor Brian Wells; Dominion High School Representative and Parent Liaison Taryn Simms; Potomac Falls Anglican Church representative Kevin Brooks; and Center for Community Impact Research President Dave Mills.

Generosity Can is Enrich NOVA’s response to our five month community needs assessment that gives understanding to Sterling’s greatest assets and under-resourced needs. In response to these findings, Enrich NOVA has claimed the trashcan as a symbol of generosity – proving residents in the greater Sterling area a new opportunity to unleash generosity to those in need. This initiative is a collaborative effort between non-profits, churches, government, businesses, clubs, and residents to unleash generosity. And offers people from all walks of life the ability to make a difference, right here in our community through a trashcan.gencan

For many the trashcan is where they collect refuse-those unwanted and unclean items that they want to be rid of. But for others, the trashcan respresents life-a medium through which hope, treasure, and daily sustenance is found. Trashcans can be residences of refuse while holding great potential for life. With this potential, Enrich NOVA birthed: Generosity-Can. Because a trashcan can make a difference.

Getting involved is easy. Designate a clean trashcan for collecting new and gently used goods. Then register your can with Generosity Can (www.enrichnova.com). Every 6 weeks, Enrich NOVA partners with a different local non-profit organization, providing residents, businesses, schools, clubs, churches, and government offices the opportunity to fill their trashcan with goods for those in need.

The momentum and excitement among residents and community leaders at this unveiling was palitable because Generosity Can :: Make A Difference (www.enrichnova.com)




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