Generosity Unleashed in Loudoun County

10 03 2009

can2Community Members, Schools, and Non-profits Work Together to Unleash Generosity

Generosity Can, a new community impact initiative of Enrich NOVA, is working with Dominion High School and community members to restock Loudoun Interfaith Relief’s food pantry by filling clean trashcans with fresh food.

For this project, a Sterling resident has supplied Generosity Can with over 100 trashcans to be placed in Dominion High School – one for each club house. Throughout the next month, Dominion students are collecting and filling their trashcans with food to be delivered to Loudoun Interfaith Relief on Saturday, April 25. NOVA residents who have registered a clean houshold trashcan with are also participating in this project.

Generosity Can collaborated with Loudoun Interfaith Relief for this project in response to U.S. Rep. Frank R Wolf’s visit to the food pantry two weeks ago as part of his advocacy for the hungry.

Every 6 weeks, Generosity Can partners with a different local non-profit organization, providing residents, businesses, schools, clubs, churches, and government offices the opportunity to fill their trashcan with goods for those in need. Presently Generosity Can is partnered with The Good Shepherd Alliance, SPRING, and Loudoun Interfaith Relief.

For many the trashcan is a symbol of waste, but Generosity Can has claimed the trashcan as a symbol of hope – providing Loudoun County residents a new opportunity to unleash generosity to those in need.

Loudoun residents can get involved in this project by selecting and registering a clean household trashcan with Each six weeks, residents who have registered a trashcan will receive an email update of the next project, goods to be collected, and distribution date.

Generosity Can :: Make A Difference





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