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28 05 2009

The Loudoun County Times-Mirror has written a great article on what we are doing.

Read it here –

Spreading generosity in Sterling

People and Community
By Elizabeth Coe
Source: Loudoun Times-Mirror

In classrooms around Dominion High School, students are filling trash cans with breakfast foods that will be delivered to Loudoun Interfaith Relief April 25.

The 104 trash cans at the school are part of Generosity Can, an initiative launched in February by Sterling resident Ron Klabunde, founder of the nonprofit organization Enrich NOVA.

“The whole purpose is to increase generosity throughout Sterling and the surrounding area,” Klabunde said. “We’re working to move resources from families, schools and businesses to nonprofits who have needs for those resources.”

A total of 130 trash cans have been placed at businesses, homes and at Dominion, thanks to a $1,000 donation from a Sterling resident. Each will be filled with donations for Loudoun Interfaith Relief through April 25.

Every six weeks, Generosity Can partners with a different local, nonprofit organization, providing residents, businesses, schools, clubs, churches and government offices the opportunity to fill their trash cans with goods for those in need.

Klabunde, who moved with his family to Sterling in 2008, said he chose to launch this initiative now partly because of the hard economic times, but also because he wanted to give people an outlet to be able to help others.

“There was a disconnect between people who want to serve and make a difference and getting them in touch with the nonprofits,” he said. “We’re trying to fill that gap. With a trash can, it almost feels like the antithesis, but we’re reclaiming the trash can as a symbol of hope.”

Klabunde said even in his own home, he can see how the trash can has changed the way his children feel about giving to others.

“Once a week [my kids] run around the house, find a toy they don’t play with anymore and they bring it to the can to give it to someone who needs it,” he said. “What’s cool is that I’m not prompting that. That’s the beauty of it. There is now a symbol of generosity in the home throughout the year, which reminds people.”

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