Family Needs Help

27 06 2009

If your neighbor put this sign in front of there home, how would you respond?

family needs help

I called the family (parents with two small children). Then went over to their place.

It turns out the family is being evicted and trying to get to Winchester, VA to get some support from friends, but only had $15 in their pocket. All their belongings had to be moved out within 6 hours, but they couldn’t afford a moving van. So they could take only what they could get in their two cars – both of which had less than a 1/4 tank of gas.

I helped the family get what they could out of the house, gave them the cash in my wallet ($60) to buy gas and food, and our family is storing their desk and TV.

I am continuing to stay in contact with man of the family. Now they are staying out of the area in a camp ground until the father can get employment. He has been in and out of construction and landscaping work for the last two years.

What’s amazing about this story is that the mom gave me a bag of diapers and baby clothes to pass on to any other family who has need. Now that is generosity!

Enrich NOVA exists to unleash generosity while empowering people to serve people.




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