Enrich NOVA is a new community based organization in Sterling, Virginia that is committed to helping unleash generosity in collaboration with residents and non-profit, business, and government leaders while empowering people to serve people.

We are presently in the discovery phase of establishing Enrich NOVA. During this phase, we are conducting a community needs assessment in partnership with Passion for Community, Thrive America, and the Center for Community Impact Research (CCIR). The surveys, interviews, and focus groups that make up this assessment are helping us more fully understand the needs of residents in Sterling so we can mobilize new resources to serve the communty. In November 2008, we provided our first community service initiative and began empowering people to serve people.

Though we will continue our community needs assessment indefinitely, we are unveiling Enrich NOVA’s response to the community needs assessment and our new community impact initiative in February 2009.

Our Mission:

To unleash generosity by empowering people to serve people

Our Values:

In accomplishing our mission we will…

Unleash GenerosityEmpower People – Serve Others


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